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LernBag is a robust repository of 50,000+ digital learning objects — 3D videos, interactive activities, simulations, virtual labs, quizzes — that transform abstract concepts into great engaging experience for teachers and students.

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“Your Buoyancy video was so realistic, it was actually making me a little seasick watching it. Please take that as a compliment. Great content.”
Global Business Development Manager for a large digital education player in the Middle East and North Africa

What LernBag does

Engages students with multiple unique learning objects designed to reinforce understanding of modules and concepts, resulting in better learning and improved performance. Content can be integrated with any learning management system.



Can amplify the experience of their in-class products by using our digital content with their solutions.


Edtech Companies

Can magnify the impact of their product offerings with our content to suit their needs and their learning philosophy.



Can empower their students and teachers with the right tools that provide them the opportunity to apply their learning in real-time.

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Why LernBag?

Rich Experiential Content

2500+ multilingual 3D mono and stereoscopic videos for science and math.

2500+ concept maps - visual representation of topics and its interrelated topics.

7500+ keywords to help expand vocabulary, definitions and formulae.

Interactive Activities

5000+ activities to boost learning.

10000+ cool facts to stimulate curiosity.

25000+ quizzes with multiple levels of difficulty and nature


Facilitating multi-sensory learning, virtual labs and simulations enable students to practice their lessons and conduct experiments anytime, anywhere.

Zero Internet Dependency

Works in both online and offline modes to ensure that lack of internet does not interfere with access to content.

Easy Integration

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Trying is believing

Sample our content and experience a new way to learn.

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