Meetthe textbook of the future

Based on OneLern digital education solution, LernBook is an intelligent digital book designed to replace costly and heavy textbooks. LernBook is futuristic, multi-subject, curriculum aligned, embedded with rich multi-media and analytics that increases students productivity.

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“Your eBook solution has transformed our education system. We see higher engagement in students, improved scores, increased efficiency in teachers and most importantly, decreased costs.”
Minister of Education, Central American Country

What LernBook does

LernBook is a digital interactive book solution that offers local curriculum aligned, multiple subjects textbooks, enriched with multimedia content including videos, interactive activities, questions, cool facts, keywords and assessments. Available as an app or preloaded onto a tablet, it works just as well in offline mode.



Digital textbooks allow for interactive, engaging learning by bringing concepts to life with the help of videos, diagrams, activities, quizzes, virtual labs and real-time simulations.

Students can also make and share their own notes, and collaborate live on the app. The icing on the cake? They can carry a single tablet to school instead of a bunch of heavy textbooks.


100% aligned to curriculums, the LernBooks are localized, customized and vetted by teachers. It helps teachers push notifications, track each student’s progress and provide individual attention in real-time. Assessments can be conducted both in and outside classrooms.

Our classroom management system enables real-time interaction between teachers and students. To ensure security, devices are locked with our in-built device management system.



LernBook enables teachers and students a common platform to achieve impactful learning. Schools can track progress of the students’ performance and efficacy.

A one-time investment in tablets and annual renewal of content will mean that schools no longer have to stock books or deal with inventory management, thus cutting down costs significantly and improving education.

Why LernBook

Curriculum Aligned

100% aligned to local curriculums and outcomes, LernBook has multi-subject core textbooks embedded with videos, interactive activities, quizzes, analytics and more.


Content is localized, customized and vetted by local teachers and educationists including language, voice over, and region specific requirements

Online and Offline

Textbooks in digital form that allow easy access, interaction and make learning relevant, both online and offline.

Connected Classroom

Our LernBridge solution provides teacher and student connectivity for better understanding of classroom performance.


Enhanced control for teachers. Insights into class dynamics. Plan and edit a course, calendar management, create and push exams, auto grading and more.


Highest control in hierarchy. Bird’s eye view of the school/district. Publish notifications to schools, management etc