Prep upthe right way

LernPrep is a digital assessment app with an intuitive and easy interface. A self assessing process provides students with fingertip access to subject based questions for practice, get instant feedback on scores, errors, correct responses, and more. LernPrep, by comparison, makes the real exam very easy.

lernprep lernprep
“What you have built is very interesting, it is really very well done and I see the value.”
Co-Founder of a K-12 web based adaptive instruction company which has 2 million subscribers in the USA

What LernPrep does

We believe that if students learn something and don't have the opportunity to practice, they are going to lose it. LernPrep is built on the principles of assessment – Reliability, Flexibility and Validity. It provides a comprehensive library of questions, hints and solutions aligned to specified curriculum for students to practice and learn with.

Analytical Practice Sßessions

Empathy Based Practice

Practice at your own pace with the help of hints and solutions. No guesswork. Identify your strong and weak areas, fine tune the time spent on each question and master the exams with better test grades.

Realistic Mock Tests

Realistic Mock Tests

Dynamically generated mock tests offer personalized set of questions each time. Build confidence with true to final test scenarios with perfect balance of questions as prescribed by the test format.

Grades, Rewards & Leaderboards

Grades, Rewards & Leaderboards

Win points for every right answer, estimate profile grades in real-time and find inspiration in the success of others to top the leader boards. Win special prizes for being the best.

Personalized Analytics

Generates tests personalized to each students performance on the platform. Real time analytics provide students insights into their strengths and weaknesses and how to combat them.

Grades, Rewards & Leaderboards

Why LernPrep

Mobile First Approach

Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere on a personal device, whether Android or iOS

Comprehensive Question Bank

A comprehensive question bank with a breadth of formats that help you practice and master all profile dimensions specified curriculum.

Tracking Progress

Allows to get real-time data for an assessment that helps students understand exactly where they are in terms of progress.

Nothing to lose, all to gain

Students can practice without the fear of losing but work on any challenging test and say, 'I've got this.'