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LernWise is a self-paced learning app, thoughtfully designed to offer a fun-filled, reward-rich, gamified learning. Personalization and frequent assessments help students better understand concepts, resulting in improved learning outcomes.

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“The product is magnificent. It's great for both teachers and students.”
PRINCIPAL, Tapachula School, Mexico

What LernWise does

Every student learns differently. Designed around pedagogical principles, instructional design theories and game mechanics, LernWise motivates and encourages students to learn at their own pace and on their own terms. Self-learning enhances understanding.



Students can visualize complex science and math topics in easy-to-understand scenarios that will improve their grasp of the subject. Learning becomes exciting when practicing, competing, and winning with friends. Add rewards such as coins, badges, leaderboards and more to the mix, and we’ve got ourselves a winning formula.


Parents can monitor their children’s progress and provide timely assistance. Dashboard helps parents to access real-time data on their children’s performance, including rewards and assessment results. This information can be used to work with the teachers and the school to support their children in a manner tailored to suit them best.



It helps schools achieve digital eficiency by creating a more interesting and goal oriented approach. Schools also save the efforts, time, resources of teaching and learning time of teachers and students, while improving productivity and performance.

Why LernWise?

Learning paths

Prescriptive learning paths aligned to topics foster better learning and improved student outcomes.

Engaging content

World-class content and multiple activities guarantee a fun, learning experience.

Self-paced learning

Every student learns differently. With LernWise self-pacing, each individual can make the best use of time, in order to meet the desired learning objectives, thus improving learning and performance.

Motivate with rewards

Rewards and recognition helps keep students engaged and fosters healthy competition.


Get in-depth analytical information and reports about the performance of students as well as the curriculums in question.

Monitor progress

Parents can understand and track capabilities and proficiencies of their child and lend timely assistance.